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Thank you for choosing Hillcrest as your hearing healthcare provider. We look forward to serving you!

As the audiology division of Southwest Ohio ENT Specialists, we have provided care to the Miami Valley community for over 50 years. Working closely with our in-office board-certified physicians, we ensure that your care is medically complete and comprehensive.

Hillcrest’s licensed professionals follow prescribed gold-standards of care and we deliver compassionate, state- of-the-art care and technology. Our medical focus supports coordination of care with your physician. This sets us apart from many other hearing practices in the area.

Our Hillcrest clinicians provide:

  • Hearing tests in the clinic with the physicians
  • Hearing aid consultations, fittings, and service
  • Vestibular and balance testing
  • Surgically implanted hearing device services: assessments, initial stimulation and follow up

Detail of our services is outlined on this webpage and we also invite you to contact us to answer your questions or to schedule an appointment for you.

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With over 50 years of patient care, we continue to be a trusted leader in the community.

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Benefits of Treating Hearing Loss

Improved Cognitive Health

Individuals with untreated hearing loss are at an increased risk of cognitive decline.

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Improved Mental Health

Those that treat their hearing loss have a decrease in feelings of depression, anger and anxiety.

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Improved Physical Health

Individuals with untreated hearing loss are three times more likely to suffer physical injuries, specifically falls.


Improved Balance

Individuals that use a hearing device to treat their hearing loss may also see an improvement in their balance.

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